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    • for other community members base their trust on YOUR experience
    • to remind you of what you thought of the places and people you've met

What does it mean ?

You leave your review

When you leave a review on a parking place or a person, enter two information: :

  • a score of 1 to 5, which reflects your overall feeling : it appears on the Ads and members pages as an average. Other members do not directly see the note you gave.
  • a comment on your experience

You read reviews posted by other members

Reviews are posted on several pages: the profile of a motor caravanner or host, the page of a parking place.

You will find the general impression of members at the top of the page :

  • the members' average grade
  • the number of comments left by members

Comments of the members are displayed at the bottom of the page

Simple advice to leave your review

The place is occupied

If it was to be repeated, will you do again the booking ?

  • If the answer is YES, then leave a positive review without hesitation !
  • If the answer is NO, then think about the reason for which you will not do it again. Be as objective as possible and do not leave a negative review unless you think that the person has actually failed to fulfill its commitments. For example, a small delay can often be linked to bad traffic conditions and do not necessarily justify a negative opinion.

The booking is cancelled

  • If you were expecting the motor caravanner and he never showed up without even calling, then do not hesitate to leave it in the review.
  • If the booking was canceled at the last moment and you've been warned, ask about the reasons for the cancellation before posting your review. Many factors could justify a cancellation, even at the last moment: work, personal or family, mechanical problems, etc ... Such circumstances may not justify a negative opinion.

A review, whether positive or negative, is attached to the profile of the person unless you delete it. If you are going to leave a negative opinion, and your bad impression of the situation can be easily explained by exceptional circumstances, then we recommend that you clearly state it in your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can write a review once your stay is over.

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