Motor caravanner

Present yourself

Camping-car-lib will accompany you at each step of your profile creation. It will be your presentation card !

Get informed & communicate

Do not hesitate to ask questions to your future hosts before booking, read the comments left by others, pay attention to the cancellation conditions, hours of arrival and departure.

Be punctual

Honour your reservations and arrive at the agreed time with your host.

Update your insurance contracts

Be good neighbors

Respect above all the tranquility of your hosts and their neighbors. It is possible that one or two other campers share the location you occupy, live in harmony with them.

Protect the environment

You will stay in people's properties: treat your host place as if it were yours. Leave the place in the condition in which you found it.

Leave a comment

Share your impressions on your stay: the host as well as the other motor caravanners will appreciate it ! You can also share your travel pictures on our Facebook page. Facebook.


Be transparent

Put your exact location: give a fair description accompanied by realistic pictures. Be clear about your prices, times and welcoming periods.

Keep your calendar updated


Answer quickly

The rapidity of your answers will play in your favor and increases your booking rate ! You receive an email when your intervention is expected on Camping-car-lib : questions or reservation pending confirmation.

Honour your bookings

Confirming a booking is a commitment : the motor caravanner is counting on you ! You cannot let him down at the last moment. In case of emergency, contact Camping-car-lib.

Welcome your motor caravanners

Be present at the arrival of your motor caravanner : they will be happy to meet you.

Leave a comment

Share your impressions on motor caravanners: the motor caravanner as well as the other Hosts will appreciate it !