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Your account have been debited at the time of the online payment.

You can cancel your booking at any time from Your Space > My trips : the earlier, the better ! Indeed, if you cancel your booking, it could cause a prejudice to the host since he will have little time to find another motor caravanner.

Depending on the time of your cancellation, you will be refunded as follows:

More than 3 days before arrival date
Full refund minus the amount of service fees paid during the registration of the booking.
Whithin 3 days before arrival date.
You get 50% of the amount paid, service charges excluded. The retention of 50% allows Camping-car-lib to compensate your host for this late cancellation.
After the arrival date
If you do not show up at the agreed date, then you will not be refunded and your host will receive the money as if you had stayed at his place.

As a Host, you will be paid in case of last minute cancellation..

Motor caravanners pay online in advance: it greatly reduces the likelihood of a cancellation, simply because they show a strong commitment by booking and paying in advance. However, no one is safe from unexpected events, and it is possible that your motor caravanner is obliged to eventually cancel his booking.

  • If your motor caravanner canceled more than 3 days before arrival : the location that was reserved is immediately made ??avaialble on site. You have a very good chance that another motor caravanner books it again.
  • If your motor caravanner canceled within 3 days prior to arrival : the place reserved for him is immediately made ??available on the site, and you will receive a compensation of 50% of the payout that you asked. This compensation is a benefit if another motor caravanner books the place at the same dates.
  • If your motor caravanner does not show up, then you are compensated at 100% as if he had actually made his stay.

With these simple rules, we greatly reduce the problems of last minute cancellations and you are compensated for the damage suffered. The online booking service is for you a real protection.

Service fees and VAT are added to each booking at the Pay Online step made by a caravanner. These fees include banking fees, connection fees (e-mails), Ad management (moderation, support, hosting, bandwidth, web development and data management).

These fees are composed, for each parking place booked, of a variable part and the added value taxe. A proportional calculation was defined in order to make our fees as fair as possible for each booking :

Example : 1 night Example : 2 nights
Amount requested by the host
6.00 €
12.00 €
Service charges (without taxes)
10% du reversement à l'hôte (minimum 1 €)
1.00 €
1.20 €
Taxes on service charges
19.6% of service charges
0.20 €
0.24 €
Amount paid by the motor caravanner
7.20 €
13.44 €

It should also be noted that no commission is charged on the amount requested by the host for each booking. The host receives exactly the amount claimed in the publication of the announcement.

No additional fee should be asked from motor caravanners. If the local regulation imposes a stay tax, the host must include it in the price displayed.

You confirm a booking: it is a strong commitment that you need to fulfill !

However, you may encounter a real unexpected problem and therefore want to cancel a booking : please let us know as soon as possible ! In fact, if you cancel your booking, the motor caravanner needs to find a new location. He is then fully refunded (excluding service charges).

  • Cancel you booking from Tour Space > My Ads > My future bookings, then click on the booking to be cancelled.
  • Hold regularly updated your hosting periods in Your Profile> My ads and click on your Ad and change the agenda. > My ads, then click on your Ad and change the calendar.

If you have forgotten your password, you must follow the procedure on the next page: :

  • you will be asked to enter your email address: the same one you are registered with on the site.
  • you will receive in a few minutes an email containing your new password automatically generated by our system.

You can then change your password in Your Profile> Account> Settings. > Settings.

If you are not sure of the email with which you registered or you no longer have access to the latter address, you must contact our Customer Service.