Why welcome motor caravanners ?
How to publish your first ad ?

Want to meeting new people with a real interest in travelling, talking about interesting places around your home, earning money to improve your life ?

Welcome on !

Users profiles

Discover and write to those who will perhaps stay at your place before they book.

Free publish

No subscription fees, only service charges that are deducted from the price paid by the motor caravanner you host.

Online transactions

handles all payments, en ensures that you will be payed in due time.

Payment options

Get paid by check or bank transfer to your bank account or by check.

Get comments

The comments made by members build your reputation.


When a booking request is submitted, it is you who choose the motor caravanner who will stay in your property.

One-click publish

Post your Ad once and it will be active until you turn it off.

Cancellation conditions

It will be at your convenience and we will ensure it is respected.


Easilly manage your availabilities and bookings.

Flexible pricing

From your account, fix your prices for each season

All types og parking places

In your farm's courtyard, your garden, on a dedicated land of your town or in many other locations.